yo yo yo yo hi hi hiya hey

Hi! I have nothing to update you on. I just think it’s funny that I have this little email list that I can email whenever I want to conceivably. You are my main 54. That’s right, 54 of my sweetest subscribers. Is 54 a lot? Or is it actually nothing and do you think I’m pathetic now? What if you all unsubscribe because you thought you were part of a massive email list and you find out you’re only one of a measly 54.

What’s new? Did you like the Kanye album? I thought it was bad. But then again I don’t really care about Jesus. Sorry if you do! He’s cool. Bit of a hipster dresser, but good guy.

Doing comedy is so sick, because you have to mine from your life from material, and most of the time nothing interesting happens. So I’ve literally fantasized about getting struck by lightning cause I think I could write a good bit about it. I’m like, I have nothing fresh or interesting to contribute to the comedy world. But if I was in a field and got struck by a bolt…that would really set me apart.

OK here are three things to update you on

  1. Cy (live-in-boyfriend) has a mullet right now

  2. I just shaved my legs and missed a huge spot in the middle

  3. got a new pair of knockoff Uggs at Marshalls

Have a good Friday night if you black out drinking please email me about it I don’t black out anymore and would love to live through your shame