Some grovelling for your inbox

Well, hey there sailor!

No idea why I started like that. Probably because I’m here to do something that I would say is akin to walking on a bed of fiery nails….

Self-promo, baby!

I started a podcast. Some people (me) said I would never do it. The haters (my thoughts) said no would want to listen to that. But we have reached the point of ~the global pandemic~ where I cannot let my thoughts jangle around in my skull anymore. Before covid-19 I was shouting words into a microphone up to five times a week! Now I’ve been spending great swathes of time in my apartment watering my plants and guys, it’s not cutting it. Thus, ergo, a podcast. It is called Breaking Point! You can listen to it on Spotify and Anchor FM and eventually other platforms. I’m not sure how it all works. If you don’t have Spotify, idk, you live under a rock? I know I know, some people use Apple Music, but those people are losers!

I’m kidding, of course, I think you’re cool no matter what streaming platforms you’ve chosen. I sorta wish it was just all under one thing, but apparently, that’s called a monopoly, and apparently, those are no bueno.

So, this is a daily ten-minute podcast that you can listen to or not. If someone came to me begging to listen to their podcast I’d probably tell them I would and then I wouldn’t. So there’s your free pass. But if you like me enough to subscribe to my email newsletter maybe you like me enough to listen to my voice for ten minutes. And of course, you can’t listen every day, we all have lives, (do we though?) but maybe you can bank ‘em up and binge them on a long drive or in the shower or something! I’d love to be your companion in the shower. Not in a pervy way. In a cool casual podcast way.

My fiancé Cy is my cohost and podcast producer. He says we now run a “content house” like those Tik Tok kids. Things are grim over here!

Saw a literal New York Times headline that said “Vaccines are coming, but first, a long, dark, winter.” Like, ok NYT can we lighten up a little? Chillax a bit?

Anyways sorry I had to come here to beg you to listen to my pod. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. If you do listen and send me an email that you did, I will give you a shoutout on the podcast. You heard that right, I’m bribing you. To hear your name mentioned on a podcast with upwards of 30 listeners?? I bet it’d be an electric feeling. ;)

How are you all prepping for the “long, dark winter” ahead? Me? I got my dog a Christmas sweater, which is cute and will keep me going through early January. After that? Nothing on the docket. Would love some recs to keep that sweet combo of seasonal and covid depression at bay.



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