The First One!

here goes

Hi! This is my new newsletter. In the days of yore (late 2018) I had an email newsletter called Chucklin Chicken. It is now defunct, because I stopped writing it, because I was sad. Sometimes winter is long and polar-vortex-riddled and it kicks your ass and you feel depressed and don’t want to write a newsletter cause why would you? In the throes of seasonal depresh, of SD, I didn’t wanna send my little list of email subscribers sadtown updates like: “Hey guys, what’s new with me? Well, bought a mint green sweater at the Gap cause there’s a hole inside of me and I thought buying something might fill it. Then went home and ate three bowls of cereal and watched 90-day-fiancé for eight hours. Got a little shower cry in before bed, which is always an important release. Anyways, constantly comparing myself to girls on Instagram and it makes me feel inadequate, hope you enjoyed my comedy newsletter!” So yeah, Chucklin Chicken died because I was feeling like a Bummer McGee. And cause I couldn’t figure out how to format Mail-chimp. That’ll happen.

But I’m back baby, lifted out of my Sad Time and feeling groovy again. Calling my lovely therapist when I need to, gettin to the gym a little more, drinking some smoothies now! The amount of smoothies I’m drinking directly correlates with my mental health, I’ve found. We’re on the up and up folks, and even though I know sadness will worm its way into my heart again, each time it happens I feel more equipped to deal. It’s nice to grow up and get better at this hard stuff. Now that all that sad shit’s out of the way, rejoice! The Newsletter has been revived and rebranded. I want to write a newsletter because a) I am addicted to attention and b) well that’s the main reason. I don’t know man, there’s just a big part of me that wants to be Carrie Bradshaw, and if Carrie was around today she’d have a newsletter for god sakes. Even though I have a steady boyfriend and he is not one of Manhattan’s elite, I still think I could pull it off. All she did was smoke cigarettes in her pajamas and wax poetic about love in New York! I can do that! Well I’m not gonna smoke a cigarette, maybe I’ll Juul. I’ll be a thicc Carrie Bradshaw who Juul’s!

The last reason I want to do this newsletter is to be able to brag, yo. I figure you must care about me a smidge, if you’re willing to sign up for more crap in your inbox. I think it’s unladylike to brag on so I wanna use this newsletter as a place to tell people about what’s happening in my life.


1) I was mentioned on NPR!

2) I am starting a podcast, called Comfort Food, it’s about food and shame and probably more. Keep an eye out for it!

3) Me and my boyfriend are moving to NYC! Going out there in October for a couple weeks to spend some time out there and figure out where we wanna live and all that jazz. If you live in NYC, be my friend!

That’s it. Hopefully I’ll do this regularly but I truly cannot make any promises. Gonna go ice my bruised ass (fell down stairs earlier lol) and eat a healthy fruit popsicle that will not satiate my desire for ice cream.


Lael AKA Comedian Deli Meats