dispatch from a hermit hole

Happy Monday! Or day before New Years Eve! Or whatever. I don’t care about New Years. I want it to end. I can wear a sparkly dress any day of the year. And maybe I will! I’ll wear one on Jan 3, just to piss people off. And the 2020 glasses too. You can wear those any day of 2020, doesn’t have to be on New Years! I’ll recreate the whole look and go out to bars and not pay cover, it’s my new holiday! We’ll call it Jan 3 Day.

The thought of going out for New Years honestly seems unfathomable to me at the moment. My boyfriend got me a heated blanket for Christmas (with a warranty, he knows I like to crank it, gotta stay protected) and now that I’ve discovered you can get your groceries delivered to you I see no point in leaving my apartment. I’ve burrowed in. Finished Season two of You and learned how to make sheet pan fajitas. That’s what I’ve accomplished in New York City.

I’ve been getting into cooking as a way to channel my energy away from the fact that I don’t have a job. Got rejected from a restaurant job at a burger place today. They sent a rejection email! Rejected from slinging burgers, I feel like a disgrace. I am expecting to be ghosted by restaurants, the confirmed rejection seemed unnecessary. I graduated from Notre Dame, they say that’ll get ya a job. But when you squander your life away telling your little jokes in bars that doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Anyways, made Brussel sprouts with bacon and balsamic to distract from the dread. Cooked the b spouts in the bacon fat. Not afraid. I got inspiration from a blog called “Older Mommy Still Yummy.” Confusing name! Is the older mommy still yummy? Seems sexual! It’s probably her dishes that are still yummy but is there some sort of stigma against Older Mommy’s dishes not being yummy anymore? Feel like the Older of a Mommy you are the yummier the dish! Whatever, I need to move on. I’m rooting for Older Mommy Still Yummy wanna make that clear.

Happy new years, hope you’re comfy and safe and happy. What are your ressies? Email me!


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