Backup plans and promo

Hey friend, 

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile. I’m sure you don’t care that much if I’m writing my little newsletter or not, but it’s been a mounting source of anxiety for me. I’m like I have to write it or the Content Gods will know! It’s not like I have a newsletter-hungry-horde at my doorstep begging for more of the Deli Meats Newsletter. I am basically crapping words into the void. Whatev. It’s fun. A drop in the big old internet bucket. Life is just ingesting and creating content until you die. Kidding! I hope. But I want to keep writing this because I am bad at consistency. I’m prone to flights of fancy. Comedy has been one of the most steadfast dreams of mine but I have daily bouts of doubt (ooh I rhymed!) I am constantly juggling backup plans and fall backs. Here are some current one’s on the rotation. 

  • Become the next Rachael Ray (can only cook scrambled eggs and chicken tenders)

  • Buy a van, refurbish it, and become one of those insufferable “van life” people 

  • Become an award winning essayist (would have to write an essay) 

  • Lose 50 pounds and become a Vapid YouTuber 

  • Bailiff on a courtroom TV show

  • Open a restaurant (mostly just want to be the “idea” person, don’t want to learn payroll)

  • Buy a plot of land in the middle of the nowhere, look over my land and think “this is my land” every day until I die (income source unclear in this vision)  

  • Become a complex art girl, buy a fashion hat, work at a gallery, attend poetry readings (have never tried on a fashion hat that has fit onto my enormous head, don’t understand poetry)

  • Activities manager at an old folk’s home (play cards and shuffleboard for a living, the rough side effect here is the looming smell of death)

I am in NYC, exploring and anxiously wondering if I’ll be able to handle it. I like Brooklyn. Think we’re gonna live there. Applied to a job with the title “Content Creator.” Ah, being a Content Creator living in Brooklyn. That’s been my dream since I was a little girl!

Think I’ll be out in New York by December,  if I can find a subletter for my apartment in Chicago. I’m nervous and so excited. I get to hang out with my niece and nephew more, and they’re the best. Had my nephew wish on an eyelash the other day and he said “I’d wish that you guys were coming to live out here forever but that’s already happening.” My heart almost burst out of my chest.

Before I go, if you’re Chicago based, come to me and my friend Carly’s Show. A night of comedy, jazz, burlesque, red wine! It’s gonna be delish!

Email me! Tell me how your weekend is!